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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Open mic night at H+ Summit

Up next is Brian Malow (bio), self-described "transhumorist." I think that means he transcends the boundaries of what's humorous, because yowza:

-- "We are going to die, and that is a spoiler."
-- (after a joke bombs) "That was an endothermic joke. It required the addition of a little energy from you."
-- "I'm not saying I don't have hair, it's just outside the visible spectrum."

Brian MalowThis guy just flew in, and boy are his surgically-implanted wings tired. But it's okay, I think the guy is sort of an entertainer first, informer second, like the transhumanist version of Michael Scott.

Sorry, I'm obliged to heckle. The bestiality-and-transhumanism jokes actually weren't bad. Well, you know, they were bad, but they weren't bad. Don't forget to tip your waiters, folks.