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Monday, November 9, 2009

Singularity Summit videos

Videos of the talks from the 2009 Singularity Summit, which we covered extensively on this blog, are now available here. A few videos are still missing, but most of them are up.

The best videos (IMHO, as the kids say) are:
  • David Chalmers on principles of simulation and the Singularity (video / post)
  • Peter Thiel making the economic case for the Singularity (video / post)
  • And the discussion with Stephen Wolfram on the Singularity at the cosmic scale (video / post)

Also worthwhile, revealing, or at least entertaining:
  • Brad Templeton's talk was one of the most entertaining, ambitious, and plausible; the audience question segment was also particularly good (video / post)
  • Juergen Schmidhuber's talk on digitizing creativity was lively and engaging, if silly (video / post)
  • The segment of Michael Nielsen's talk where he describes the principles of quantum computing (video / post)


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